Austin Woman’s Club

Thank you for visiting the Austin Woman’s Club Web site. Since our founding in 1929, our mission to promote the study of literary, civic, patriotic ,artistic and other cultural subjects has been expanded to preserve the historical and architectural heritage of the North-Evans Chateau (also known as Chateau Bellevue), a designated national, state, and local landmark, and to serve the public through community service including educational, civic and social activities.

In 2008 the Austin Woman’s Club voted to emphasize a focus on serving the community and the public through conducting and supporting—

1. educational and charitable activities and programs for women, including the study of literary, civic, patriotic, artistic and cultural subjects

2. appreciation, restoration and preservation of important landmarks of the community’s historical and architectural heritage, including the North-Evans Chateau, and

3. other educational, civic, and cultural and social activities that improve conditions and opportunities for women, provide a means for women to engage in philanthropic service, encourage leadership, and advance the spirit of service and understanding, all so as to enhance the quality of life in the Austin community.