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Spring Style Show

AWC Spring Style Show
on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 11:00am.
$45 per person

Milk Punch & Cheese Straws
Strawberry Soup
Seafood Salad or
Smoked Turkey Salad Entree
Lavender Creme Brulee

RSVP to April McCarley
3313 Rosefinch Trail
Austin TX 78746

Please pay for your reservation online.
Look for the Buy Now button on the top right hand side of the page.

AWC Christmas Cards

Proceeds from the sale of the Christmas cards will go the North-Evans Chateau Restoration Fund.

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Chateau Bellevue

For over thirty years, wedding ceremonies and receptions have been celebrated in several beautiful venues, such as the Evans Dining Room on the first floor, the courtyard, and the two parlors on the second floor. We can also host rehearsal dinners and bridesmaids’ luncheons in other unique areas of the mansion.

The elegant and spacious Chateau Room can host casual seating for up to 170 and to 190 with the courtyard. The lovely stone courtyard, with doors that open from the Chateau Room, increases the event capacity to 200 guests.

Please visit the Chateau Bellevue web site for more information.

Stained Glass

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) announced in March 2011 that the organization would donate $3,000 to the Austin Woman’s Club (AWC), Stained Glass Window Restoration Project. Funding for this project was made possible through the sponsorship of Thankful Hubbard Chapter, NSDAR, in Austin, Texas. The purpose of the grant was to repair and restore the most endangered beveled and stained glass original to the building. The AWC, North/Evans Chateau Bellevue, was built by Harvey and Catherine North in 1874. Noted Texas architect Alfred Giles designed modifications to the residence in the 1890s for prominent Texas businessman, politician and Medal of Honor winner, Ira Hobart Evans. The AWC, a 501(c)(3) organization, has owned and cared for the mansion since 1929.

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The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution provides grant funding to support projects in local communities which promote the organization’s mission areas of historic preservation, education and patriotism. The Special Projects Grants program was started in 2010 as a way to assist communities in their efforts to preserve the past, enhance the present and invest in the future. With non-profit grants being scarce these days, the application process was competitive. The DAR receives hundreds of applications for funding each year. We are especially pleased that AWC received one of only three grants approved in the State of Texas out of a total of twenty-seven approved nationwide.

Regent Patricia Horridge sums up the long standing relationship of DAR and the Austin Woman’s Club in the following statement: “The Daughters of the American Revolution have had an ongoing relationship with Chateau Bellevue even before the Austin Woman’s Club purchased the home. Thankful Hubbard’s first chapter meeting—some 110 years ago—took place in the parlor where the chapter currently meets. Thankful Hubbard is a charter member of AWC and has patron membership status. In addition, the Capital Area Regents Council (CARC) luncheon meetings are held at the AWC. The Constitution Day Luncheon in September and George Washington Day Luncheon in February, hosted by Sons of the American Revolution, Children of the American Revolution and CARC, also are held at AWC. These luncheons are attended by DAR members and guests from the entire Austin area. Thankful Hubbard is proud of the heritage shared with the Austin Woman’s Club. We are committed to finding a way to assist AWC with the preservation of the building’s most endangered beveled and stained glass.”

Thankful Hubbard Chapter raised matching funds for this grant through the generous support of its chapter membership as well as donations from the Capital Area Regents Council and the affiliated chapters: Jacob’s Well of Wimberley; Robert Gilbert Livingston and Daniel Coleman of Georgetown; Austin Colony, Balcones and Andrew Carruthers chapters of Austin. To complete the project, Thankful Hubbard Historic Preservation Committee members designed and sold beautiful note cards of the windows to a variety of organizations throughout the area, raising a total of over $13,000 for the project.

Betty King, past-president of the Austin Woman’s Club said: “As we celebrate the 83rd year of our founding, we are especially grateful to our good friends in DAR for their support in many ways. This year the Chapter has underwritten the restoration of original stained glass windows which were installed by the Evans family in our Chateau Bellevue in l893. Because of their work the Daughters of the American Revolution have ensured that future generations will enjoy the beautiful work for many years.”


For more information on the Austin Woman’s Club and Chateau Bellevue, contact us or call 512-472-1336.  To contribute to the ongoing efforts of preservation and restoration, please send your tax deductible contribution, made out to the Austin Woman’s Club, to the Austin Woman’s Club at 708 San Antonio, Austin, Texas 78701.

AWC Events

The Austin Women’s Club holds special events to raise money for the preservation of the building. Some events are open to the general public.

AWC Programs
Please check our calendar or programs page for the club’s weekly speaker schedule.

Austin Woman’s Club

Thank you for visiting the Austin Woman’s Club Web site. Since our founding in 1929, our mission to promote the study of literary, civic, patriotic ,artistic and other cultural subjects has been expanded to preserve the historical and architectural heritage of the North-Evans Chateau (also known as Chateau Bellevue), a designated national, state, and local landmark, and to serve the public through community service including educational, civic and social activities.

In 2008 the Austin Woman’s Club voted to emphasize a focus on serving the community and the public through conducting and supporting—

1. educational and charitable activities and programs for women, including the study of literary, civic, patriotic, artistic and cultural subjects

2. appreciation, restoration and preservation of important landmarks of the community’s historical and architectural heritage, including the North-Evans Chateau, and

3. other educational, civic, and cultural and social activities that improve conditions and opportunities for women, provide a means for women to engage in philanthropic service, encourage leadership, and advance the spirit of service and understanding, all so as to enhance the quality of life in the Austin community.

Education & Tours

Education is a core component of the Austin Woman’s Club’s mission to serve the community and our members. To enhance our education mission, we developed the Chateau Bellevue Tour – guided by docents and supported by two accompanying publications: Discovering the Treasurers of Chateau Bellevue and the teacher’s companion manual Windows, A Guide to Discovering the Treasures of Chateau Bellevue, which engages and inspires younger visitors to “live history” in the late 1800s.

Developed and written by Dr. Jenefred Davies, retired professor of Teacher Education at Huston-Tillotson College, Discovering the Treasurers of Chateau Bellevue meets the educational goals set forth in the TAKS test used to evaluate skills for grade levels in the state of Texas.

The Chateau Bellevue Tour targets the 4th grade social studies and fine arts curriculum and also appeals to children ages 6-12 as well anyone interested in historic preservation and culture.

Discovering the Treasurers of Chateau Bellevue is included with the admission price of the tour. (See below). The teacher’s manual, may be downloaded free and includes more information on the learning objectives and how to schedule a tour.